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Verified Patients

"A very pleasant and knowlegeable consultant (and a very efficient and helpful secretary) in dealing with my problems."


"Friendly and very approachable doctor happy to answer my questions and thoroughly explain what the procedure involves as well as what happens after it. I am very happy that I met him."


"Dr Russo, is very welcoming, friendly and makes you feel at ease. Dr Russo gave me a detailed account of my CT scan results and blood test and explained the next steps. Dr Russo listened to my concerns regarding an MRI as I am claustrophobic and he kindly provided an alternative. I would definitely recommend Dr Russo to friends & family."


"An excellent team who were reassuring and kind. Dr Russo gave a clear easy to understand explanation of the results."



"The whole team were excellent. The procedure was explained clearly and we felt reassured and well looked after. Dr Russo gave us a clear and easy to understand explanation of the findings."



"Dr Russo has a lovely manner. He has remained professional, kind and understanding of my concerns. I am reassured by him and believe he has thoroughly investigated my symptoms. I would like to thank Dr Russo and would certainly recommend him".



"Dr. Russo answered all of my questions and was incredibly reassuring throughout, as was his team of nurses."



"He is super professional and super nice to deal with!"



"Fantastic experience! Dr.Russo is very knowledgeable and genuinely has concern for his patients. Wonderful doctor!"




"After 5 years of various visits to a number of specialists Dr Russo was the only Doctor that diagnosed my condition."



"I decided to seek help from Dr Russo for a very long standing problem of chronic diarrhoea which I had been previously told was an effect of a chronic illness since my teens and which seemed to be getting worse as I got older. It has always had a significant detrimental effect on my life but I have lived with it until recently when I decided to have one more try to find out if there was any chance of improvement with new medical advances. I had seen specialists in my local area over the years but nothing was ever conclusive. Dr Russo immediately put me at ease and gave me confidence that he could help me. He suggested diagnostic tests which I hadn't previously been offered and his positive attitude gave me hope that my life could be improved. I was still very shocked when he told me he had a definite diagnosis and with permanent medication my life could be normal. After just a few days on medication I see a significant improvement already. I am certain that choosing to consult Dr Russo was one of the best decisions I have ever made. "


"Dr Russo was very attentive and approachable since the day I contacted him. He advised me on the things I needed to do as to deal with a problem I had. He performed a colonoscopy on me; I did that before and it was very painful. However, the colonoscopy he performed on me was absolutely pain-free. Everything on that day was extremely well organised. He is an excellent doctor and scientist who is very approachable and attentive to his patients. Very highly recommended to all patients looking for a gastroenterologist whose services and expertise are of the highest level."



"One of the best doctors I've come across in London. Very knowledgeable and professional, also very kind and attentive to the patient."


"I've been dealing with chronic diarrhea for several months which needless to say, has impeded my life so I finally made the decision to see a private Gastroenterologist. I did a lot of research beforehand and chose Dr Evangelos Russo based on his education, experience and of course trusted patient reviews. My GI issues were getting worse each day so I attempted to get a last minute appointment. Fortunately for me Dr Evangelos Russo was very accommodating and saw me the same day and even stayed late for an evening appointment. I'm not sure how many doctors would do that. I know that in the states (where I'm from) that's a rarity. Dr Evangelos Russo was friendly, down to earth, easy to discuss an embarrassing matter with, knowledgeable, patient and kind. His communication about all of the possible ailments and tests was detailed, easy to understand and not overwhelming. He explained everything thoroughly, used photos which made things easier to comprehend, and was even able to schedule me in for a colonoscopy quickly. My bum didn't react well to the Moviprep (the laxative required to clean out the colon before the procedure) with my extremely sensitive, fragile skin and painful external piles thus I was concerned that my colonoscopy would be torture but Dr Evangelos Russo got back to me right away with helpful advice and the colonoscopy was as painless and gentle as possible. I thoroughly appreciated that he used a local anesthetic and was gentle during the procedure. I seriously did not feel any pain or discomfort during the colonoscopy nor was I in pain afterwards. Only a skilled and experienced gastroenterologist would be able to pull that off. Both Dr Evangelos Russo and his secretary, Aleksandra, have been extremely quick to reply to my email messages, helpful, kind, communicative and efficient. Those are the qualities a patient appreciates. They also both have been keeping me up to date with my test results as they come in. I can't say enough positive things about both of them. As a picky American expat I can honestly say that selecting Dr Evangelos Russo as my gastroenterologist was the right decision. When you have GI issues it's stressful but I assure you that this is one decision you won't have to fret about."


"Excellent and friendly attention. Calm, precise and logical explanation of issues."


"A big thank you to Dr. Russo for being so caring and understanding of my anxieties. He helped me comprehend the nature of my condition, did all the necessary investigations and provided me with reassurance."



"Dr Russo is one of the best doctors I have met so far. The endoscopy and colonoscopy was very easy with him, he has been carefully working to resolve my IBS symptoms, he tries carefully many treatments one by one, he kindly explains in detail every time the reasons of my symptoms and why he decides a treatment and writes a detailed report after every visit. He is also available and supportive by email and phone to overcome unexpected symptoms occurs between visits."


"Excellent experience from day one to the day of discharge. I definitely recommend Dr. Russo."


"Very helpful and understanding and treated me instantly. So grateful for him."


"Dr. E. Russo is really great. I received so much good information and felt so well cared for. He was reassuring and so helpful. His team is as helpful and welcoming as he is."

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